Seeking therapy is a sign of personal strength, not of weakness. It takes awareness in our lives and courage to be able to reach out for help. Often people who engage in therapy are actually doing well in life, but would like to do better in one area or another.

Working with a licensed therapist can provide the objective and professional feedback needed to assist in defining challenges, developing goals, and working toward positive change.

Benefits of therapy may include improved and more satisfying relationships, increased energy and productivity, and feelings of well-being.

I partner with clients to access their strengths allowing them to gain insight and find solutions. I employ compassion and humor while helping clients reach their personal goals.

I believe the therapeutic relationship is the most important aspect of a successful experience in therapy. I work to build a safe, non-judgmental, and trusting environment for clients to explore their issues.


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What To Expect

The most important aspect of therapy is the relationship between therapist and client. Therapy will be different for each individual depending on what they need.

Insurance & Fees

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